iLIVE-The best free football live streaming all in Newtown Casino Malaysia!

马来西亚最好的免费足球视频直播,都在Newtown Casino Malaysia!

iLIVE is the particular football match live streaming channel of Newtown Casino, through which you can watch the all exciting football matches such as the WorldCup, UEFA Champions League, FA, EPL Premier League, La Liga and so on for free!

iLIVE为Newtown Casino独有的球赛直播频道,您可以看到热门的足球赛事直播,包含世界杯、欧冠杯、英超、西甲…等的球赛现场,完全免费!

iLIVE can also apply to smart phone, enabling you to watch every exciting moment all the time and enjoy the free football match live streaming service!

iLIVE手机也能观看,让您无时无刻把握每个精采片段,请享受Newtown Casino iLIVE免费足球直播服务!

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