AG Platfrom Free AngPow in iBET

AG Platfrom Free AngPow in iBET

Thank you all for your support! This promotion has ended! Please follow iBET for more bonus!

AG Platform with iBET Online Casino Malaysia thank you players in the past years support,during CNY will give away 10 million AngPow for iBET memebers.

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AG Platfrom Free AngPow in iBET

AG Platfrom Free AngPow in iBET Prize:

During event, system will randomly generate few AngPow rain.

Click AngPow, ingots or treasure, if amount shown represent winning the exact prizes.

AG Platfrom Free AngPow in iBET Rules:

  1. Once a tournament is over, all players collected red pocket amount will arrive in 2 hours.
  2. AngPow rush only available for iBET Online Casino real money player only. Each account and each player allow to login iBET one device only.
  3. At the end, will pop up a total no.Of collected prizes and amounts
  4. All real money account iBET player must click   button to transfer money to real money account.

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