Lucky Draw Promo Olympic NTC33 Games

NTC33 download Lucky Draw Promo of Olympic Games

NTC33 download provides 30g gold medal up for grab of Olympic Games Lucky Draw!

ntc33 download Lucky Draw Promo of Olympic Games

Go to ntc33 download and get more luck for you

NTC33 download Lucky Draw Promotion of Olympic LUCKY DRAW  Terms&Conditions

  1.  Contest will be close on 31st August 2016, All winner will receive a SMS from NTC33 slot games iBET at 15th September 2016
  2. Kindly contact Live Chat Customer service to Register/Join Event for lucky draw
    1st prize:  30g Gold Medal
    2nd Prize: 20g Gold Medal
    3rd Prize: 10g Gold Medal
  3. Minimum stake per bet to qualify for this promotion is MYR 30.
  4. NTC33 download promotion will start from 2016-08-01 00:00:01 (GMT+8) until 2016-08-31 23:59:59 (GMT+8).
  5. General Terms and Conditions of Promotions apply.
  6. NTC33 download iBET online casino reserves the right to amend, alter or cancel this promotion anytime, either for all players or for specific players without any prior notice.
  7. Each member only allowed to have one registered account in NTC33 download iBET, If we found out members create more than one account,(Before creating multiple accounts, members have to contact one of our live chat representative and request for creating multiple accounts). Otherwise NTC33 download will treat these accounts as an organizational account. And ntc33 download iBET have the right to terminate the accounts, and credit will be frozen permanently.

Terma & Syarat

  1. Tertakluk di terma & Syarat promosi
  2. Minima per taruhan untuk layak menyertai promosi ini adalah MYR30. Tiada Had maksima pengeluaran
  3. Peraduan ini akan berakhir pada 31st august 2016, Para Pemenang akan menerima SMS pada 15th September 2016
  4. Sila menghubungi Live Chat untuk Pendaftaran/Menyertai Promosi Cabutan Bertuah
    Hadiah :
    Hadiah Utama : 30g Gold Medal
    Hadiah Kedua : 20g Gold Medal
    Hadiah Ketiga : 10g Gold Medal
  5. iBET berhak mengubah, Menukar, Menambah atau membatalkan syarat & terma promosi ini tanpa memberikan pemberitahuan kepada para-para ahli atau pemain
  6. Ini adalah tanggungjawab pelanggan untuk memperiksa Terma & Syarat, iBET berhak untuk menukar apa-apa Syarat ini bila-bila masa.
  7. Promosi ini bermula dari 2016-08-01 00:00:01 (GMT+8) until 2016-08-31 23:59:59 (GMT+8).

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