Girls Crazy Chippendales Slot Game

NTC33 Casino – Makes Girls Crazy the Chippendales Slot Game

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NTC33 Casino Chippendales Slot Game is 5-reel, 20 pay line slot game.

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NTC33 Casino - Make Girls Crazy the Chippendales Slot Game

Chippendales NTC33 Slot Game

NTC33 Casino Chippendales Slot is definitely for ladies who appreciate hunky men showing off their bodies. The stripping of a male group takes place under great music, and the graphics and effects are great too. With 20 pay outlines and five reels this NTC33 Casino slot game is every females fantasy. Each row contains some of the most physically appealing men on the planet.All you will need to do here is select the number of NTC33 Casino paylines, the amount you wish to wager per line, and the bet denomination. Once those things are set, simply push the “spin” button get the crazy male action started in iBET Malaysia Online Casino.


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