Function PINK POW! Pink Panther Slot

NTC33 – Function PINK POW! Pink Panther Slot

NTC33 Pink Panther Slot  is a 5 reels and 40 lines slot machine.

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Pink Panther Slot NTC33 Slot Game

NTC33 – The power of Pink Panther! today 2 mystery Awards, and 5 bonus mystery aspects of the return of the Pink Panther, and animation effects galore! You can feel the pink everywhere? You can spin in iBET Malaysia online casino. The main game has a bonus feature: randomly generated 5 bonus links and 2 the largest cumulative prize pool of the main game, but does not provide a free spins feature. Bonus bonus link of aspects of the game including cracking the Code Pink. Player can choose two to try their luck or choose to collect bonuses.

You can also enjoy NTC33 Slots Rebate Promotion Extended Rebate 1% Unlimited Cash Bonus now!


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