Celebrate Christmas Santa Slot

NTC33 – Celebrate Christmas on Santa Surprise Slot

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NTC33 Santa Surprise Slot  is 5-reel, 20 pay line slot game.

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Santa Surprise NTC33 Slot Game

NTC33 –  This fun slot from iBET Malaysia online casino offers a wild symbol, scatter icon and its own Christmas gifts bonus. All in all enough, it’s more than enough to keep you merry all the way up to the holiday season and well beyond!  Symbols by classic holiday costumes, stockings, Santa Claus, candles, wreaths and Christmas trees. Games also has a bonus link, wild patterns, dispersion pattern and bonus free spins. Three Christmas bonus link or more payable at any roll symbol at the symbol activates the bonus on the line link, players choose the next Christmas gift, scr888 & iBET online casino will get a bonus.

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