Superhero Wolverine Slot game online

NTC33 Superhero Wolverine Slot game online in iBET

NTC33 Wolverine is a five reel 25 paylines video slot based on the Marvel comics.

ntc33 wolverine slot

ntc33 wolverine slot

Superhero Wolverine NTC33 Slot Game

NTC33 – Behind every superhero there is an interesting story and Wolverine is no exception. This Wolverine slot features some great graphics and animations, tied closely with Marvel’s X-Men movie in iBET Malaysia Online Casino.

While he has come to us in the form of Hugh Jackman in the recent, wildly popular movie series, this slot opts to use the more classical presentation of Wolverine from the comics.

The symbols in Wolverine slot game includes the scatter symbols saber tooth,Logan, x-rays, Jean Grey, the Wolverine, claws, Dog Tags, claw marks and costumes claw, each one with its own significances.

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